This intuitive mobile application helps you to exercise your memory and remember words, names and new ideas and concepts that you learn every day.

Designed especially for people learning a new language, managers who constantly meet new people, students acquiring vast amounts of new information and more.

BrainMe is an exciting, interactive application that develops your potential and strengthens your memory.

How does it work?

BrainMe is like a notebook. Whenever you encounter new ideas, words or names that you want to remember, simply type them in.

At the end of the day, use the self-review module to practice what you’ve learned. The application will present the most recently added words as well as some of the ideas and information added over the past days, weeks and years (using common memory methodologies).

BrainMe reminds you to run your daily exercise to stimulates your memory and help you keep that new information in your mind forever.

BrainMe makes You smarter, not just your SmartPhone!

Install BrainMe today and hold your memory in the palm of your hand!

BrainMe on YouTube

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